My Fair lady

The 2019 Spring Musical is well underway. My Fair lady begins on September 6th and runs for 2 weekends. BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN for this spectacular show. Get your tickets here!


Hannah Croft – Eliza
Greg Stephens – Henry Higgins
Mark Ryan – Colonel Pickering/Angry Man
Simon Coles  – Alfred P. Doolittle
William Krawczuk  – Freddy Eynsford-Hill
Katherine Kerr – Mrs. Eynsford-Hill/House Staff/Maid 2
Liz Hollins – Mrs. Higgins
Rob Morrison – Bartender/Ensemble
Jakob Wilson – Prof. Zoltan Karpathy/Harry/Ensemble
Tom Fagan – Jamie/Footman
Lorraine Williams – Mrs. Pearce
Sarah Jeffs – Mrs. Hopkins/Ensemble
Jasper Hill – Flower Girl/House Staff
Doug Thring – Lord Boxington/Ensemble
Sophie Prior – Lady Boxington/House Staff/Maid 1
Anthony Connell – Butler/3rd cockney
Sue Wilson – House Staff/Ensemble/Charles
Jodie Hill – House Staff/Ensemble
Rachael Lavery – Ensemble/second cockney
India Kenny – House Staff/Ensemble
Cassandra MacKinnon – Ensemble
Lynette Lith – Ensemble/Queen
Marie Cooper – Ensemble
Linda Wood – Ensemble
Emma Webster – Ensemble/Cockney/Angry Woman
Alison Rentoul – Ensemble/First Cockney