Eric McPhan—Life Member


Astral would like to congratulate Eric McPhan upon recieving Astral’s highest recognition—a Life Membership.

Eric is one of Astral’s founding members, and whilst he has hit the “Veteran” stage, his love of the theatre and appearing onstage has not waned. As the story goes, Astral began—way back in 1983—with a kitty of 15c donated by Eric. And that same year he delighted Astral’s inaugural audiences as Tinman in The Wizard of Oz.

Outside of Astral, Eric is very well known to Peninsula Theatre goers. A seasoned trouper, he has appeared with most of the Theatre Companies on the Peninsula. If you think you’ve seen his face before offstage, you are probably correct as Eric also has many television credits. In fact, during his extensive career in television, radio and film, Eric has played over 70 cameo roles on TV which incorporated well over 300 days of filming. He regularly appeared on The Vizard Show, a resident Policeman in Neighbours, and quite a few Australian “soapies”. Eric has appeared in several local feature films and overseas productions, and he would often have his choice of a number of good television and feature film acting roles on offer.

However after nearly 30 years in the industry, Eric eventually decided to “hang up his ham”, but we’re stoked that he has continued to work with us at Astral. Eric has been really impressed with the directors and musical directors he has worked with at Astral and has enjoyed the rotation of the cast throughout the years, always having familiar and new players to share the stage with. Eric has gained an incredible amount of experience from his long association with the theatre, from comedy, to musical, to drama and enjoys any and every role. Although, he loves—perhaps even more—the camaraderie and friendships that begin and grow in the theatre.

Whilst not performing onstage with us, Eric has also been seen behind the scenes or on front-of-house duties assisting with our productions. He truly embodies the spirit of the company and is a source of wisdom, advice, talent and comedy for every member. There is no one more deserving of this award at the moment than Eric McPhan, and with it we thank him for his constant support and dedication to the Rosebud Astral Theatre Society Inc.

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Eric Tinman

1983|The Wizard of Oz as Tinman


Eric Tonio

1984|The Maid of the Mountains as Tonio


Eric G&D

1993|Guys & Dolls as Lt. Brannigan


Eric SP

1995|South Pacific as Captain Brackett



1996|Cinderella as The King (Understudy)


Eric Annie Get Your Gun b

2003|Annie Get Your Gun as Foster Wilson


Eric Elepnt Man

2005|Elephant Man as Dr. How/Pinheads Manager



2011|Beauty and the Beast as Monsieur D’arque


9 (1 of 1)

2012|Calamity Jane as Rattlesnake


Eric SOM

2014|The Sound of Music as Admiral Von Schreiber



2015|Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as Jacob