What we do

The Astral Committee meet monthly to discuss and monitor the running of the company. From finances to general business, from the current show to future shows, everything begins at a committee meeting. Members are elected for the year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in November and anyone over the age of 14 with a keen interest in the company is eligible to join. Check out our calendar to find out when we have our next meeting. Anyone from the company is welcome to attend monthly meetings. 

President: Brendan Croft

Vice President: Mark Ryan

Secretary: Anthony Connell

Delegates: Gabe Noonan, Jakob Wilson, Hannah Croft, Harrison Croft, Alison Rentoul


Committee Profiles

BrendanBrendan Croft – President

Brendan joined Astral in 2011 when his children joined the cast of Beauty and the Beast. There was a shortage of men in the ensemble so Brendan promptly put up his hand to help out. With experience working on stage as a magician, performing in front of people wasn’t a problem, but the singing was something completely new and he still describes it as a little terrifying. He joined the committee after the 2011 show and became president in 2013. He regularly raves about how special it is to do shows with his children and his wife. As much as he loves performing, Brendan loves the entire process of planning and putting together a show, “it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey”.


AnthonyAnthony Connell – Secretary

Anthony has been with Astral since 2013 as a key member of our backstage crew and a regular at set builds, but after a cameo role in The Sound of Music, Anthony is now a fully fledged Astral cast member and enjoys the challenge—as well as the opportunity to be onstage alongside his kids. Anthony has also served as a committee member during his time with Astral and is excited to now be making his mark as Vice President.




GabeGabe Noonan – Treasurer

Gabe has been with Astral since 1999. She became secretary in 2000 and has been Production Co-ordinator for several shows as well as Director for The Mikado, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kiss Me Kate, Calamity Jane and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Gabe finally made her stage debut as Meg in Hannie Rayson’s Hotel Sorrento in 2006. Along with Sam Campagne , Evan Knoble, Kathy Hudson and Ron Kamoeon, Gabe was privileged to be a founding mentor for the developing ATYA Group (Astral Youth Theatre). Gabe’s duties include Production Co-ordinator, Licensing and Administration, She has also lent her hand to set design and construction, lighting, costume and the making of the odd cup of tea (though she prefers a skinny latte). Gabe is currently a secondary Art and Media teacher.