Astral Theatre Youth Association

ATYA was a well established Youth Theatre which trained the youth, not only in the on-stage experience, but every aspect of theatrecraft. ATYA was run for youth, by the youth (under the gentle guidance of Astral as its parent company). ATYA started in 2004 with Cinderella which was written and produced by the ATYA Youth Committee under the mentoring of Astral.

After the 2009 production, ATYA was put into recess. Unfortunately, there was no longer the amount of volunteer adult support required to run ATYA events as safely as the Astral Committee had planned. To date, ATYA remains in recess, and for this reason Astral will strive to do its best in continuing to have a family musical each Spring, in which adults and children get the chance to perform alongside each other, however it should be noted that there are a limited number of musicals with significant roles for youth alongside adults…

Over ATYA’s six year stint, the following adults dedicated themselves to the kids involved with the Youth Theatre working in many roles, including as mentors and liaison’s for the children on the adult committee: Liz Allen, Trinity Avery, Sam Campagne, Anne Marie Grist, Kathy Hudson, Evan Knoble, Leanne Mantle, Kerrie Moss & Gabe Noonan… Astral and ATYA would like to formally recognise and thank these members for their contribution to our Youth Theatre.

Show History

2004: Cinderella

2005: Pirates of Point Nepean

2006: Dr Frank N Stein Decrypted

2007: Aladdin

2008: Peter Pan

2009: The Brothers Not So Grimm