Astral History

Astral was formed in 1983 by Maureen Roberts, Eric McPhan, Peter Gilbert, Roslyn Hogan, Doreen Gerrand & Pam Trewin.

The first show produced was “The Wizard of Oz“. The season was a “Triumphant Debut”.

Wizard was Directed by Cheryl Annable with Daryl Kenneth as Musical Director. Dorothy was played Jan Beck, Scarecrow by Peter Gilbert, Tinman by Eric McPhan and Lion by Alan Thomas.

Tickets were $5 each or $2.50 for children, students and pensioners. There were 4 performances in December 1983.

The show was funded by fundraisers such as a progressive dinner, raffles and a barn dance. After starting with a kitty of 15c, Astral ended its first year with $2105.35 – a very successful year. After that Astral has continued to produce at least one show each year. Click here to see the full list.

Astral Dramas

In 2005, Astral decided to branch out and put on a dramatic performance of The Elephant Man. This led to an ongoing Drama being added to Astral’s yearly calendar. 2006 saw us perform the very successful Hotel SorrentoSteel Magnolias, directed by Evan Knoble in 2007 was just as entertaining, if not more so. And in 2008, Damian Perry directed Mort, a Terry Pratchett novel adapted by Stephen Briggs. To date, Astral are yet to produce another Drama since 2008, but it is not completely ruled out for the future…

Astral Theatre Youth Association

Beginning in 2004, ATYA was a well established Youth Theatre which trained the youth, not only in the on-stage experience, but every aspect of theatrecraft. See more